Freedom of design
Power in simplicity

Clutter detracts from what is important. The true function of a space, a product, a building, a photograph. Clean lines and minimalist design have been used to shape artful creaticity for the last 60 years.

To add functionality without detracting from the true form of a space is critical to our thinking at Teibar. Technology that brings a space to life, free of visual detritus.

Simplicity is often the most complex thing to achieve. Even nature is guided by chaotic, yet repetitive, patterns and rules that give vast beauty and seeming simplicity. The same patterns appear throughout man-made art. Building design, photography, musical composition and fashion. These patterns and simple forms bring psychological and physiological impact on the world we live in.

Allowing the spaces we inhabit to work for us, bringing emotional freedom through atmosphere while maintaining simplicity is what drives us forward in design.

Experience freedom, suffer no distraction. Engineering out complexity to allow true beauty in simplicity.

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