What happens when a group of musicians, engineers, designers and consumer electronics experts come together on one project? A completely new way of thinking about music, design and the spaces we inhabit during our lives.

Founded in London, United Kingdom, we were born from the shared belief that a loudspeaker should work in the exact same way as the musical instrument that was originally recorded.

With a strong understanding of musical instruments and performance-led craftsmanship, we enlisted the help of engineers and loudspeaker designers to create the world’s most naturally reproduced sound possible.

With a deep understanding of the power of music, especially how it can shape our emotions and mood so easily, it became clear that there was a far wider application and design issue at stake.

We realised that our Surface Sound Technology could allow the loudspeaker to take on a form and design like never before, hiding the mechanics of the device and paving the way for the advancement of Teibar aesthetic sound solutions as a concept.

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